The podcast and radio series Alibi over eight weeks has investigated whether one man, Anthony de Vries, is innocent of his crimes, a double murder and robbery at a Checkers supermarket in Vereeniging in 1994. The start of the episode sees us trying to push for legal representation for Anthony… and ends with finding one of his old friends. By PAUL McNALLY.

In episode 7 of Alibi, the podcast and radio series that is investigating a single criminal case over eight weeks, we finally track down where Anthony de Vries’s co-accused have been all these years … and what we discover makes it more astounding that our guy was ever convicted. By PAUL McNALLY.

Alibi, the podcast and radio series, investigates over eight weeks whether one man, Anthony de Vries, is guilty or innocent of the crimes that put him in prison. In the sixth episode we are put into a spiral as we try to understand an injury from over 20 years ago. What we discover reframes the extent that evidence can be manipulated… and how paperwork, even from doctors, can lie. By PAUL McNALLY.

In the fifth episode of the podcast series Alibi we get closer to discovering if Anthony de Vries is guilty or innocent of the crimes that put him in jail for most of his life. It involves focusing on the injuries from when he was tortured — they hold the important secrets. By PAUL McNALLY.

In Episode 4 of the Alibi podcast series we spend a morning in a Wimpy eating bacon and eggs, witness a man shoot an AK-47 from a moving car back at the cops and find a second set of statements, ones that never made it to trial, that give us a completely different picture of the case. By PAUL McNALLY.

The third episode of “Alibi”, the radio series and podcast which investigates a single criminal case over eight weeks, goes down to Vereeniging to visit the scene of the crime. The crime, an early morning cash-in-transit robbery at a Checkers supermarket, resulted in the murder of two security guards. “Alibi” tackles the question: Is Anthony de Vries innocent, as he claims, or guilty of these crimes for which he was convicted in 1998? By PAUL McNALLY.

The second episode of the eight-part podcast series, Alibi, which explores whether double murder, double attempted murder and robbery convict Anthony De Vries is innocent as he claims or guilty as the state found, starts as the search for Anthony’s paperwork, but evolves into a tender exploration of torture and movie stardom. By PAUL McNALLY.

The year is 1994, a few weeks before South Africa’s first democratic election, and two security guards are murdered at a Checkers supermarket. One man is convicted, Anthony De Vries, and after 17 years in prison he still claims to be innocent. An eight-part podcast called Alibi will explore if Anthony is guilty or innocent. As the story unfolds you’ll discover car chases with the cops, bullets buried in video shops and a wheelchair-bound, incredibly friendly bank robber. By Paul McNALLY.

Paul McNally

Journalist living in Johannesburg.

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